Influencer Marketing, A Radio Specialty, Is Hot Ad Trend.

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in advertising today. More than 70% of marketers in the U.S. used opinion leaders to drive a brand’s message in 2017. Of that group, a whopping 95% found it to be effective, according to Chief Marketer, a publication read by marketing professionals.

Typically defined as social media personalities and digital content creators talking up products and services on social media platforms, influencer marketing has deep roots at radio where it’s known as DJ endorsement ads. A new post in the RAB’s advertiser-targeted “Matter Of Fact” series sheds a light on the deep connections listeners have with their favorite radio personalities and how on air endorsements have moved the needle for advertisers.

A recent Katz Media survey that used its proprietary Our Media consumer panel found five out of 10 radio listeners follow a DJ or radio station on social media, four out of 10 people have met a DJ personally in their community and eight out of 10 panelists say they’d consider trying something that their favorite radio personality recommended.

More importantly, the RAB cites three case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of influencer marketing – radio style. Using local radio personalities – both on-air and in social media – a major telecom company saw a 66% lift in “earned” media and 30% more store traffic than in non-endorsement markets. In addition, its website traffic was higher than any other month of that same year. A national cable TV network found that people exposed to radio influencer messages tuned in at a higher rate than those not exposed. And in analyzing a utility company’s radio campaign, Katz Radio Group showed DJ endorsements performed 21% better than the campaign average, generating 36 new users per spot airing.


“In the age of outcome where it is a requirement for media to demonstrate proof of accountability and attribution for the dollars marketers invest, leveraging radio’s personalities and the relationships they have with their followers is a smart and solid bet,” the RAB says.

The prevalence of influencer marketing is backed up by a November 2017 survey of 158 marketers from the Association of National Advertisers. It found that national advertisers are so enamored with using opinion leaders to drive a brand’s message that 75% of advertisers currently use it and almost half (43%) plan to increase their spending on it in the next 12 months. A total of 72% of ANA survey respondents worked at companies with annual U.S. media budgets under $100 million and 28% at companies with budgets of $100 million and more.



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